Using "Lookup" tool within "Raster Calculator" to lookup an a field in a join.

12-03-2012 03:07 PM
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Hello everyone,

I am trying to call on the "Lookup" tool to look up a value in field located in a table joined to the raster's attribute table.

I have successfully used "Lookup" manually from the arctoolbox to build a new raster using a field in the joined table.  I have also successfully called "Lookup" from within the "Raster Calculator" to get a value from a field in an attribute table without a join.

However, whenever I try to "Lookup" a value from an attribute table with a join, it gives me an error that the field does not exist.  This is the case whether the field is in the attribute table or the joined table.  Does anyone have any insight into why I am getting this error?  Does "Lookup" not normally work with joined tables?

Thank you!
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