Trying to publish a ECW Raster into Enterprise portal as a tile cache

03-05-2022 05:11 PM
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I am sorry if this all sounds very Noobish, I am very much learning all this and the lingo on the fly.
We are a small council that has just upgraded an old on premise ArcGIS enterprise setup to an Azure hosted one so are in the process of migrating data across and also learning how to use portal for the first time.
I have been able to migrate our point/Polygon/polyline layer across while projecting it into an updated coordinate system, But i have been struggling trying to work out a workable process for what to do with our raster image.
It is a 7GB ECW file, roughly triangluar shaped area of our council. the ECW is in a Projected Coordinate system for our region.
There are 4 bands and if i set the symbology of the Alpha band to all Opacity, then it overlays nicely on the Esri standard topographic map and hillshade.
We have asked ESRI what to do in order to make this available in the new environment and they have suggested making it a tile package for use in Portal.
So the best i can work out is i am supposed to use the following Geoprocessing tools:
Generate Tile Cache Tiling scheme.

Source=the ECW
Output scheme = the name of the XML i am going to create

generation method = predefined

Predefined tiling scheme = the Esri Online/Google/bing tiling scheme
the cell sizes are all then determined, i don't edit anything there, 

tile size 256x256

Tile format Mixed (I read that i need it to be mixed to account for the transparency)

Tile compression quality 100 

Now i then use Manage Tile Cache

Cache Location: Place on C:\

Cache Name:  A suitable name for the cache that gest created
manage mode: recreate all tiles

Input data source: the ECW

Input tiling scheme: Import scheme

Import Tiling scheme:the xml i created from the generate tile cache tiling scheme step above

Minimum cached schale and maximum cachedd scale then prepopulate

Scales prepopulates.
 I don't define an area of interest


When this finishes, I now can't seem to hide that alpha band (which now generates ad Band 4) and istead it is now a muddy white image around my map but i proceed anyway

Next tool is Export Tile Cache

Input tile cache: the tile cache generated from Manage Tile cache above

Output tile cache Location: a place on c:\

Output Tile Cache Name: the name of the tile cache i am going to create
export cache at TPKX

Area Of interest: I try and get close to my image but  there are still white bits all over

Finally, i then use Share Package

Input package: is the tpkx i created earlier

summary, Tags, credits, and folder are all set


so i now have a TPKX file in Portal as per the recommendation from ESRI
But it has the muddy white outline still so it looks bad when i overlay over the topographic image, and it doesn't zoom in as far as it shows in Gis Pro. I also lost the ability to have a streetmap link work when i set it as a basemap which i assume is because my oringnal raster was not the WGS 1984 coordinate system.

I am wondering if i took the right steps to get to my enpoint here or if i should have done things differently?
i used these two youtube videos along with the ESRI

An overview of the Tile Cache toolset—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

There was a lot of language i didn't understand and did some steps different based on the assumption i was trying to make my image compatible with Gmaps/Esri/Bing as well as using Enterprise Portal instead of GisOnline.


Have i missed something fundamental how i was supposed to deal with the ECW in the first place?
Is there a Raster Tile cache diagram and flow for beginners that i might be able to refer to?
Am I right in that I suspect i have to Project my Raster to WGS1984 as well (which then raises a number of other questions and settings about the project raster tool)

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