Trying to create a 'show x/y on click' gp tool/service for use in Silverlight Viewer

01-28-2015 10:57 AM
New Contributor

I have a deployed Silverlight web map (created using builder) and am being asked to add a tool that displays coordinates when clicking in the map. I'm aware of the show coordinates with mouse hoover behavior in Silverlight Builder, but users are not fond of having the coordinates follow their mouse cursor. I also have the Esri Measure tool added that shows the coordinates when you click a point, but the displayed x/y only shows two decimal places (31.93) and they want to see at least four (31.93564).

I'm currently using model builder to try to re-create what the Identify tool does in ArcMap when clicking in the dataframe and showing the coordinates. I have the a feature layer variable set for the input method but cannot find an existing tool in ArcToolbox that would generate the x/y for a location based on mouse click. Does anyone know if such tool exists or would it have to be created from scratch using Python? I've published various other tools that are more complex for analysis, this one sounds so easy but is giving me more trouble than I think it should. I'd attach what I have so far, but its basically just the feature layer/input feature variable.

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