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Transformation & Projections??

03-04-2013 01:32 PM
New Contributor
The following projection was what the shapefile was sent to me in.


When I add the shapefile to the map the peojection is undefined.

I am trying to have the Data Source set to NAD 1986 StatePlane Kansas South.

What exactly do I need to do to get the shapefiles to be projected in the same extent?

Any help would be great. Thank you.
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Esri Frequent Contributor
If it is showing up as undefined and you know the correct coordinate system, use the Define Projection tool to set the correct cs.
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New Contributor
I used the "define projection" tool to set the coordinate system to my desired projection. Unfortunately the shapefiles still are not lining up. Looking at the layer properties I can only see the extent being different such as
-95.122363 ft and 38.3265 ft for one shapefile and much larger numbers such as 12563653.1236 for the other shapefile.

Does this make sense? Basically I defined the projection and am still having trouble.
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