Taking a value from one attribute table and apply it to another attribute table as entire field

09-24-2019 11:31 AM
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So I am trying to complete a set of geoprocessing tasks on some large scale data for several states. Right now I am stuck on the last little stretch I need to get to my final rankings of this data. I have a column in a attribute table of a shapefile of normalized data called "Normalized_Linear", I want to take the min and max values for the entire attribute field "Normalized_Linear" and apply those numbers to two entire temporary attribute fields (Normalized_MIN and Normalized_MAX) for later calculations but I am not sure of how to go about this. Part of me wants to be able to just use field calculator and should be a simple quick little code block but I am not aware of how to pull this off or the min function in Calculate Field takes the minimum value of multiple fields (columns) for one row and not the overall min or max of the attribute column. 

My next thought step is tho use the Statistics and find the min and max values for my Normalized_Linear attribute field but this then creates a standalone table of one row with columns of max and min, is there a way I can populate the temporary Normalized_MIN and Normalized_MAX automatically based off the value of another tables cell?

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I am not sure if you have tried this, but in the attribute table you can right click on any Field and go down to Statistics. The Statistics tab will open and you are able to see the statistics of each field. Minimum and Maximum are included in this list of stats. This may be a start for other calculations. I am relatively new to GIS, so if you are experienced you may have already tried that.

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