Table to Table Tool Problem

01-29-2020 10:36 AM
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There are better and better unix tools around these days for handling .csv files. Our company does much non-interactive processing using such.

We have a small problem using this tool in the the standard ESRI supplied toolbox:
    Conversion Tools => To Geodatabase => Table to Table

This tool admits (among other things) using an input feature class to create a .csv in a specified location.
The problem with it is that the .csv created sometimes does not have a terminator on the last line. All the other lines in the file are terminated with a line feed (hex 0a), but that is missing on the last line. I consider this to be a bug. I don't know why the last newline is missing sometimes and not other times.

Yes, it is a small point. But it causes us, at minimum, confusion. For example the unix wc utility (at least the cygwin version) reports that the output .csv has one fewer line (and hence record count) than it really does. Things like that.

BTW: I was surprised that the tool creates lines separated by line-feeds -- being windows I expected carriage-return, line-feed (hex 0d 0a) or even just carriage return. I am happy about that, but was not expecting it.

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