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Table (accidents) and vector layer (roads) combo

03-30-2020 01:32 PM
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I have a situation where I have a table showing accidents recorded in a table with a mile post field representing the M value.  I have a vector layer showing the major roads with the SRI along with the start and ending MP on each segment.  I want to use the M value in the table to find the XY on the road.  Then I want to update the X,Y fields in the into the table and then generate a point layer out of the table.  I think I have both the second and third steps down esp the third.  But I'm having some trouble with the first.  Any suggestions?  I think if I get the first step down the rest will fall into place

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You should not assume people are specialists in your domain, what is an SRI and MP? Avoid using jargon, amend your question, also images help to explain your problem.

Based upon what I can deduce, sounds like you want to be reading the help file on the subject of linear referencing.

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