Summary Statistics tool returns empty table

05-28-2015 08:58 AM
by Anonymous User
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I was trying to help a user this morning with the Summary Statistics tool.  The user as one specified Statistic field, which is an Integer, and two specified Case fields (one is an Integer and the other is a Float).  No matter what I try, the resulting table is always empty.  There are no selected records in the source table, and the source table is a feature class from a file geodatabase.

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Can you provide a screenshot of your tool dialog?

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Hi Roger, I'm not clear why you would you use a float field as a case field. Generally some kind of categorical field  is used as the case, since you want to return summary results for each unique value, or combination of values in your instance. Perhaps it will become clear after you post a screenshot.  A general explanation of what the user is hoping to achieve would also be helpful.

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Hi Roger,

While not specific to your problem, I've had similar problems with empty results from various tools and often the problem stems from incorrect formatting or illegal characters somewhere in the attribute table.

Definitely worth checking.

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Jonathan is right on there.

Table and field names should start with a letter, only have chars: [a-z][0-9]_

Field names should be short if possible (<10 chars)

This often causes problems because the software lets you use all kinds of crazy names and everything seems fine until you get to the one tool or workflow you need to get your answer!

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