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Strange output when adding XY coordinates

04-14-2017 12:03 AM
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I am really struggling with the following:

I have created random points within a home range of an animal. I would like to add the lat and long coordinates to these random points. I have used the "Add XY coordinates" (Data Management) tool for this. However, I get very strange outputs and wish to have these coordinates in Decimal Degrees (which they seem to be in when I try to change it using the Converting Tables of Coordinates tool). The data seems to be in the right Projected Coordinate System:    WGS_1984_UTM_Zone_36S.

These are my outputs:

Does anyone know what is going on? The decimal is a point (sorry Dutch settings...).Thank you so much for your help!



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Instead of cross posting the same question in multiple spaces or places, you can post in one and "share" with other areas.  That is the preferred workflow.