Splitting and Merging Attributes for Closest Facility Output

06-18-2012 08:08 AM
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Dear All,

I am working with a dataset that has approximately 24,000 routes produced from the Closest Facility function in Network Analyst. These routes have trip-volume numbers attached in an attribute field that I'll call TRIPS. I want to flatten all of these routes such that all identical sections of the routes are merged/dissolved with a summation of the TRIPS field. I am running an ArcEditor license.

I am trying to find the most efficient solution to creating this layer. My initial workflow was the split the polylines at their vertices, add centroid X coordinate and Y coordinate fields, and then dissolve on those coordinate fields, with a SUM function on TRIPS. However, the splitting part is giving me trouble; I have ET GeoWizards (full version), but its Split Polylines feature produces an output shapefile that seems to crash somehow after a few moments; I get an error message that says something to the effect of "number of table rows does not match geometry" or something similar.

Can anyone suggest a better way to accomplish what I'm doing here?

Many Thanks,
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