Split a polygon into many polygons based on count of a particular field

12-18-2017 04:54 AM
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I have a polygon segment within which there are many buildings scattered. There is a particular attribute in the building feature class which mentions the no of connections available in the that building. So I want to split the polygon based on say 300 connections.

I.e, if the polygon segments has 700 connections within it, i want to divide that segment into 3 different polygons each having count 300,300,100 with  300 being the max. Also I want that particular attribute updated with the latest count after splitting.

So is there a way to automate the above scenario  in python or a tool available in arcgis??

I dont want split by attribute as it creates individual feature classes. Preferably split the polygon based on the count and update the attribute in the same feature class

Awaiting a response regarding this issue.


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  1. select by attributes ... only those that meet your condition
  2. split by attributes  ... since you will have to do each separately
  3. split  ... do the split
  4. delete the results of split by attributes

You will end up where you started.

You could script this and be oblivious to the extra files, but I suspect working with in_memory results might raise some issues as they sometimes do.  There is nothing wrong with persisting a result to disk, then deleting it

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