spatial join returns with empty feature class with error 999999

10-10-2011 09:38 PM
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Hello everyone,
For 2 days I???m trying to find out what the reason was about getting first: Error 999998 after installing SP2 to ArcGIS 10 getting lately: Error 999999 together with empty feature created in my personal geodatabase. Specifically, I am using ???Spatial Join??? tool that I would like to join point data which are completely within polygon data. If I don???t change any merge rule (taking the value of ???first??? joined point data which is default by the tool) that works! Whenever I would like to do some summation or some other merge rules for some attributes of joining point data, in 14 seconds it gives this error 999999 lately. However, with the same data I can easily and successfully do it by ArcGIS version 9.3. Anyway, when I click on the link about Error 999999, it says as follows
999999 : Error executing function.
Description: This is a generic error for which the cause does not have a specific error ID. Solution: For some error cases, checking the log file for accompanying internal system errors will reveal information about the nature of the error. Otherwise, consider contacting technical support for assistance.
This directs you nowhere. Then I have checked some other forums related ???spatial joins crashes??? and ???Error 999999???. Some says it is related with operating system others related with registry. I am using Windows Vista, I don???t know how to fix it. I upgraded my PC to version 10 now for this reason I am using other PC which has 9.3 just to get results from very easy Spatial Join tool!!! And data move between computers, what a huge waste of time!!! 😞
If anyone can help me and give some suggestions, I would greatly appreciate. Thanks a lot.
Have good day???  

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Have you found a resolution to this problem?

I am trying to do a spatial join as well, 300,000 points to about 60,000 polygons, and I get the Join function running for about 30 minutes before saying Out of memory Item not found in this collection (even though the memory usage goes to about 1.5GB out of my 8GB).
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Hi Michalis,

Which version (& Service Pack) of ArcGIS you are using? Also, let me know your operating system.

Thanks, Nobbir
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This is happening to me with version 10.2.2 on Windows 10.

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There was a feature class table already joined to one of the feature classes that was part of this spatial join.  I unjoined that feature class and then this ran without an error.

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