Spatial Join: Mode Merge Rule Not Supported for Text Field

04-20-2012 09:29 AM
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As part of a set of data processing tools I am developing, I need to attribute a set of polylines using  a text field ("Description") from a point cloud (that contain the vertices as well as other points).  The points all have the same description code for each line, so using the "First" merge rule works most of the time, however occasionally a point with a different code intersects or is close enough to the line and the merge rule uses this code instead of the code in the majority of the intersecting points (i.e. it takes the alphabetically first code regardless of how many times it appears).

Basically, I want to use the Merge Rule "Mode" for a text field, as described in the ArcGIS help guide:

"Mode???Use the value with the highest frequency (most common). If there is more than one value with the highest frequency (i.e., a tie), then the list of Mode values will be sorted (smallest first for numeric, alphabetical for text), and the first one will be used."

This is not appear to be available as an option in both the geoprocessing tool or via Python. Is this a bug, or an illusion of a function that was neglected to be added to the processing tool? (Or the third option I am missing something very basic here, which is always a possibility).


Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Thanks for bringing up the issue. 'Mode' is not available for Text field by implementation. It is a documentation error.

If you like get a workaround please contact the tech support or email me at
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