Spatial Join Discards Aliases

02-12-2020 12:04 AM
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I have two polygon datasets which I join spatially 1:1 keeping all target features (the centroid of the one lying with the polygon of another).

Both datasets are layers in a map, and the target dataset has aliases. The resulting dataset loses all the alias information from the target (and possibly also the joined dataset, but I am not sure about that -- my joined polygon dataset did not have aliases before the join).

I daresay I would see the same thing were I to join points to polygons, but, again, I have not explicitly tested this.

Why is this? If I have gone to the trouble of creating aliases for fields, is it probable that I would wish to have those discarded?

(Arcmap desktop basic 10.7.1 on windows 10. All patches apply to both)

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An overview of fields—Geodatabases | Documentation 

The behaviour appears to be different in ArcGIS Pro in the table for field properties for a layer

These settings also apply to fields that are appended in a join, although you are only able to edit the joined fields when they are accessed from the origin table.
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