sliver polygons

03-04-2020 07:55 AM
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I have thousands of sliver polygons outside of my study area. What is the best way to eliminate them automatically?

Those polygon islands are the slivers

Note: I can´t select by attributes (small areas) because then it would eliminate other polygons inside the study area.

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Whats this image you have uploaded? In what context is it about sliver polygons?

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Yes, those polygon "islands" are the slivers

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As Duncan says, 'sliver' is not the right terminology.

Without seeing the rest of the data, I would suggest selecting you main land body and then using select by location to select all features intersecting and within it.

Export your selection to a new feature, or switch selection and delete.

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Hi Jota Us‌, 

If your data is projected you could do a selection by Shape area greater than the "sliver" Island polygons, therefore selecting only the polygons you wish to keep and export the selection to a new feature. Preserving your original data. This also assumes that all the "slivers" are smaller in area than your study area.