Share as web tool - Error 00256 ExcelToTable parameter issues

05-07-2021 08:03 AM
Occasional Contributor III

Enterprise 10.8.1

Pro 2.7.3

Python script takes Excel file as input, uploads to Enterprise Hosted Feature Service (table).

Error: 00256 Server version 10.8.1 tool ExcelToTable_conversion does not have new parameter cell_range and new parameter field_names_row.

With Pro 2.7 these 2 new parameters were added to ExcelToTable, but it looks like Server 10.8.1 is still using the older "version" of the ExcelToTable tool that doesn't have these 2 new params. The irony is that I'm not even using them in the Python script, i.e. they are left at default.

Any workarounds, short of just using a .csv?


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