shape file from geo processing tool box

10-09-2012 03:15 AM
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I have created a model (attached as jpg file). This models takes three shape files and return the result in the form of shape file. I run this model and found it works fine a shape file is created and visible in the result window and i can add it to my table of contents window. I than publish this model as Geo-processing service and than accessed this service. the model run successfully as the message form the server is submitted executed and successed.  there are four files created in the arcgisjobs directory of the server
definition,message ,result and status. these are .DAT files of which the result file is largest. However I cannot see any shape file created neither in the result window nor in the  arcgisjobs, Only thing I can see in the result window is that name of out file with message <data in local temp location>. I added this to my table of content and on looking its properties found that has type of inmemory feature class however it does not contain any data. Will any body comment why its so. what I need to do so that the output should have some data .
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