Selecting records with the same value in one field and different values in another field

07-14-2017 06:58 AM
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Hi all,

We are trying to create a Voters Registration Road Roster and we need to figure out how to select all the records that have the same road name, but different voting precincts (the voting precincts are already in the road centerline data; we don't need to pull them from a polygon layer or other table).

Ex: Washington St has two street segments (two records), one in precinct 25 and one in 26; Church St also has two street segments (two records), but both are Precinct 25. We need to select Washington St because it has different values in the Precinct field, but not Church St because its values are the same.

Our end game is to have a road roster that lists each road in our county with its road range and its precinct. So we are trying to pull out the roads with different precincts so that we can do a Summarize on the ones left over (the majority of the roads) and get them out of the way. 

Note: Neither of us in the office know python/coding very well. If your suggestion is some sort of coding, please explain it in the simplest of terms so we can follow it.

Thanks for your help!


(As an aside: if any one knows how to make a general road roster/index from a grid, please let us know that too. We miss our road roster tool! )

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I don't understand your question well. but I think Summary Statistics—Help | ArcGIS Desktop  tool may help you.

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