Select polygons that don't match up with polygon overlay (selection sets?)

09-17-2012 09:43 AM
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Hi there....... sorry, I just posted this in another thread but then thought I should have started a new one!

I have 2 polygon features (parcels) and I want to find where the graphics in one (myparcels) do not quite match up with the other (provparcel). Sometimes the shift is very small and I am OK with that (I can put a buffer on the selection), but I would like the selection set to result in a list of polygons where the polygons do not exactly match up within about 1 meter we'll say.... (see attachment where the red represents myparcel and the thick grey is provparcel. You can see where there is a shift between myparcel 13948 and provparcel 230).

The additional problem with this, is that sometimes it is more than just a shift in the two layers where the polygons don't match, sometimes there has been a subdivision of land and therefore I may have one polygon in myparcels layer, and the outer boundaries match with the provparcel, but the provparcel has an additional polygon "within" myparcel. (see attachment where the red is myparcel layer and in this example, it has one big polygon (14784) where the provparcel (grey) has two within it (383 and 27).
The opposite can occur as well where provparcel 329 is one larger parcel where the outer boundaries fall within myparcels 14524 and 14782.

It is all three of these examples that I want to see these parcels all in the resulting error table (or layer... doesn't matter)........

Eventually I want to write this in model builder, but I would be happy with just how to do it manually first! Thanks all!
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