Select by Attribute of Raster in Modelbuilder

03-05-2012 11:31 AM
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Hello All,

I am building a model and would like to use the "Select By Attribute" tool on the output raster from a raster calculation.  However, when I try to connect the output raster to the "Select By Attribute" tool, it does not recognize the raster as a valid input (I am only given the Environments and Precondition choices).   Is this because the model has not been run yet?  If I run the model up to the raster calculation, will I then be able to connect the output raster to the "Select By Attribute" tool.  I know this is an elementary question, but the datasets are large and I want to avoid running the model partially if not necessary.

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Hi Mike,

The raster will need to be converted to a Raster Layer.  You can use the 'Make Raster Layer' tool to do this.  Also, the output raster cannot be of type Float, that is, it cannot contain decimal values.  Float rasters cannot contain attribute tables, which is need for the 'Select Layer by Attribute' tool.  You can use the 'Int' tool to convert to an Integer raster if need be.  This will drop (not round) the decimal values from the raster.
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