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scheduled geoprocessing model: empty values in feature service

03-18-2024 07:30 PM
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Hi all, 

I have a model builder that downloads a near-real time dataset and appends the values to an identical feature schema/service, published in Enterprise 10.7.1. 

Running the tool on my own I receive the expected values in the feature service. 

Any ideas why scheduling isn't receiving the expected result? 



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Can you tell if the scheduled run is actually executing the model by reviewing the Task's History or looking at Event Viewer on the computer running the Scheduled model?

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are you referencing mapped drives instead of UNC or local drives?

Other than the local drives, mapped drives are on a per user basis.  If you are not logged in when running the scheduled task, only the local drives or network drives using UNC path will be available.

Not sure if this is it, but is a common occurrence when runs fine unless scheduled.