Running C# code from a python tool

08-25-2011 11:02 AM
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I'm working on an arcpy python script that updates, inserts, and deletes rows in a dataset. I'm able to do everything I need the script to do using arcpy, except for preserving GlobalID values when copying a row from one feature class to another. It seems that I will need to use C# or VB.NET in order to preserve the GlobalIDs when I do inserts.
The code is found here:

I need my python script to be able to call the C# code in the above link. Basically, my python script will perform all of the updates and deletes using an UpdateCursor, then perform the inserts using the C# code. Are there any examples of arcpy scripts or tools taking this approach? I know that writing the whole thing in C# would probably be the 'best' route, but we are trying to design an infrastructure of custom python scripts and tools for our organization.
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