Route Event Layer not completely importing Event Table

11-12-2014 04:14 PM
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So I have a Roads Route Layer and I have created a Road Parking Event Table. When I use the "Make Route Event Layer" tool and use the correct imports such as choosing the Roads Route Layer and the Event Table (both using RouteID's), The Line type, FromMeasure and ToMeasure as well as the correct Offset and run the tool, I get a new Event Layer however only the first line of the Table is added into the new Event Layer.


To start, I have 6 different objects in the table, all with a RouteID of 1, and connecting measurements from 0 ultimately to 287. I'm wondering why I am only able to get the first row of data from the table in the event layer?



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Did you use the ERROR_FIELD option for the add error field parameter?  The values of that field will tell you what is wrong.  For example, if you have incorrectly spelled your Route ID values in the event table an error saying that the Route cannot be found will appear.  If the measures that do not exist on your routes, a different error will appear.  Not one number or letter (even an extra space at the end of a string) can be different in a Route line's Route ID value and the Route ID value in the event table.  You have to examine the route ID and measures of your route lines and the event attributes to be sure they all line up.

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