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03-19-2021 04:12 AM
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I'm currently creating a model to run a large amount of processes and batch processes to reduce the amount of time it takes to create a constraints layer. However, I am facing an issue when I try and merge all the data together, since the majority is executed in a batch process, since many of the buffer distances for a lot of the data is the same, therefore, there is no need to have a myriad of buffer processes. When I try and merge them together, the process fails with the error "000229". I have had a look for a solution, and I know the problem is that the merge tool is trying to execute a process on a geodatabase, rather than an output layer. Is there any way to merge the batch buffered layers together? All the output from the batch buffer processes go into the same folder.



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Firstly I would strongly recommend you don't rename the tool (yellow box) as now no one has any idea what it really is, including you (in 6 months from now). Rename inputs/outputs is fine but leave the tool as its default name. So you have a tool called 10m batch buffer, is it a buffer tool, or a Euclidean distance tool or something completely different that in your mind is "buffering" but to everyone else its a field calculate! I am warning you now as you are shooting yourself in the foot when it comes to reviewing model logic at a later date. I speak from experience!

That said your model is creating buffers through different routes and shoving them into a single folder and you want to merge the lot? This is done using an iterator and collects value tool as shown in the example here

Take note that in the example the iterator connecting to a collects value tool is in a sub-model. Review the advance section on this page.

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Fab! Thank you, Duncan!

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