Repair Topology Errors Automatically - Using Defined Tolerance

01-16-2012 12:23 AM
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Hi Everyone

I watched a training seminar within the ESRI training site on python for ArcGIS 10. For some reason or other I can't find it again. The training seminar concentrates on whats new in python for ArcGIS 10 and introduction to ArcPy. ESRI demonstrated a python script that automatically re-aligned polygon boundaries that overlaped using a defined tolerance. I also recall comming accross a script/tool within the code gallery while looking for something else that suggested that it automatically corrected topology errors, which again I can't seem to relocate. If someone from the user community or ESRI can guide me to finding the script/tool or how to accomplish this it would be a great help. We are currently delineating crop fields and need to clean up polygons that are overlapping by re-alinging the boundaries automatically using a defined tolerance. There are a large amount of datasets and manually fixing them is not an option. I have found that ETGeowizards can be used, but I would prefer to use a python script that I can be built into my existing process.

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