Repair Geometry not working when loading data to SDE Geodatabase

06-20-2013 06:58 AM
New Contributor III
I have a problem with polygon geometry which is well resolved by the repair geometry tool when using a File Geodatabase.  However as said in the ArcGIS Help 10.1 (, under Repair Geometry, when loading data to a SDE feature class this tool is unnecessary because this is done automatically by the loading process ( �??SDE geodatabases automatically check and repair feature geometries when the features are uploaded to the database, so using the Check Geometry and Repair Geometry tools with SDE feature classes is unnecessary�?�).  I have done this (loading data to SDE Geodatabase) but it doesn�??t work as it says (using ArcGIS 10.1).  That is, data still need to be repaired after uploaded to the database.   Could anybody tell me the reason of this?  Do I have to load the data in any special way?  If yes, which one is it?   I have the data sample in case anybody wants to try.  Just let me know, and I will send it.  Thank you very much in advanced.
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