Remove/delete polygons from map

05-09-2019 05:08 AM
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Good morning all.

I had to append this original question since I was able to finagle a way to save my polys as SHP files.  What I'm really in a pinch for, since we only have a Standard license is this.

I have to create a poly of our county.  No big deal there.

but I have approximately eight small polygons (small service areas) that I need to draw, or better yet ... these service areas need to be deleted to leave that cookie cutter type feel.

I read to use ERASE but I do not have access to that tool.

Any workarounds, thoughts????

Thank You in advance

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As you only have 8 polygons this can be done manually through the editor tool bar and taking advantage of the Clip functionality.

Read the help file here on the Clip Command, this would allow you to cookie cut out the smaller areas from your larger area regardless of what ever license level you have.

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Another option is to use the ArcToolbox >> Analysis Tools >> Overlay>> Union tool. this will divide your overall polygon into a polygon that has your small polygons incorporated. Then a query will eliminate these from drawing, and you have essentially cut these polygons from the larger polygon.