ReconcileVersion Conflicts Detected

06-15-2012 11:09 AM
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I've got a Python script that reconcile/posts edits from child versions to Default. If a version is created by the admin account, it will reconcile just fine.  But, if a version is created by a user, we get conflicts when running the geoprocessing tool through ArcPy.  If I do reconcile via ArcMap, there are no conflicts.  It doesn't matter if the version has just been created, with no edits made to it.

Strangely, any user-created versions that are reconciled against an Admin-created version, will reconcile just fine.  It's only those user-created versions that are created directly from Default.

Any insight into this?
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My best guess is that the conflict error is incorrect and you *should* be getting a different error due to insufficient privileges on the version you are trying to reconcile/post.

Make sure that you selected the appropriate target version in the reconcile version tool. Also, that when you test in ArcMap you are pointing to the same versions you are using in the tool.

If this is not the case I would recommend you contact support so that they can help you get to the bottom of this.
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Thanks, Russell.  I wiped out the versions, did a full compress and started clean.  Everything is working fine now.
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I didn't have a problem reconciling between Public versions, but I got the same error when reconciling up to a Protected version. 
I got around this by inserting the owner information before the version name (ie, 'owner.version' rather than 'version'), and when logged in as SDE the script ran fine.
Russel is correct that the wrong error message is given - luckily this is one of the first threads I came upon.
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