Recognizing outbound and inbound overlapping polygons

01-07-2015 06:46 PM
New Contributor

I have a dataset of polygons where in there are numerous bounding and intersecting polygons(i.e., polygons within polygons).Is there a way to directly identify and remove them ? While validating topology, though the errors are marked, the problem remains while fixing them  as they need to be corrected individually which is a huge task.If I use the intersect tool , then although the intersecting parts are highlighted , I cannot use the same for clipping /erasing.This is because for the bounding polygons, I need the inner polys to remain but for intersecting polys,I want the outer polygons to stay.Is there a way to identify the outer and inner intersecting polys in separate way and then remove them ?What can be the shortest way to do so?

(PS: Please note that its just one shapefile and the errors are due to incorrect digitization)

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