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05-07-2022 10:36 AM
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I have a problem. 

I have a polygonal feature (Grid) and a point feature (Point) with two attributes (Name as text; Year as numeric). 

If in a polygon of Grid there are whitin two point I want that a new polygon that have the attribute Age Maximum and the mathing Name.

For example:

 If I have this two point within the polygon: Id= 1  Name=Mick Age = 67; Id=2 Name=Bob Age=45

I want a new polygon wich contains the attributes of the point with Age Maximum (Age= 67 and Name=Mick).

So I used the tool Spatial join and used the merged rule maximum for the field Age, but the output  polygon contains the the value 67 for the field Age and the value Bob for the field Name. I want the the value of the field Name of the same point that that have the maximum Age.

Could you help me ?  


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