Re: Dissolve Error 999999 Invalid Topology Out of memory

07-20-2010 09:18 AM
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This post is in response to the archived thread:
regarding the following error message, received while attempting to Dissolve a dataset:
"ERROR 999999: Error executing function.
Invalid Topology [Out of memory.]
Failed to execute (Dissolve)."

This may be a dead issue, but I'm posting in case anyone is still having trouble with this. I received this message while attempting to Clip a relatively small dataset to polygon study area boundaries. I was able to run the tool successfully by moving my input layers to a new map document before running 'Clip'.

This leads me to suspect the issue here isn't related to machine performance but rather some geoprocessing environment setting, probably temp/scratch workspace directories. I wasn't able to track down the offending setting, but hopefully this workaround will help someone!
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Thank you very much!  This solved my problem when i was receiving this error on a dissolve
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Thank you so much! I've been struggling with this one all day on a very small dataset. I was starting to doubt my GIS carreer prospects!
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In case anyone out there is banging their head against the wall about this...

  - I spent an hour+ looking over these threads trying to resolve a related issue - I tried to dissolve a layer with tonnns of "slivers" resulting from a union. Result was an "empty output". I tried "repair geometry", it succeeded per results window, so I tried again, same result = "empty output". I noticed the repair tool still showed many fixed features if I ran it again. I then noticed it was only fixing some of my features (was a big file - 60K polygons). I ran it several more times until there were no more to repair, tried dissolve again, and it worked. Oy! Hope this helps.

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This worked for me in Pro, and I only needed run the process 1 time, it seemed to resolve numerous errors. I also ran this on a Parcel layer with just under 60k parcels. Thanks for the tip!

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