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Raster Resample and pixel value

04-08-2014 10:29 AM
New Contributor II
Hello Forum,
I am about to resample raster ( going from 50X50 km to 5X5km) and calculate total pixel value within polygons. I am dealing with a geotiff which has a grid size of 50X50 km. The grid size is really big for some of my polygons. I want to either extract/clip value by polygons or perform zonal statistics. I am thinking to resample into 5X5km so that good number of grids falls inside smaller polygons then perfrom relevant task to get total pixel values within polygons.  I wonder how resample works to assign pixel value from 50X50km to 5X5km ? For say, if a grid (50X50km ) has value of 1600. Does it calculate fractional value and assign to each cells to 5X5 km grid ?

Sorry if I didn't make my problem clear.

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