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Raster calculator output problem

09-28-2012 10:59 AM
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I am creating a M.C.E. in ArcMap 10 and have hit a problem. I created a cost distance layer of a road network and used raster calculator to standardise the attribute values. The only problem is the layer is not visible in the weighted overlay tool. It is visible in raster calculator but when I try and add it to another layer (to create my final output) it does not appear to be factored in to the results. I know this because I tried to add it to a slope layer and the final result was just slope.

I have only just started using ArcMap after 9 years with MapInfo so any help, however basic, is much appreciated!

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If you read the Help for this tool the very first thing it states under the usage section is this:

All input rasters must be integer. A floating-point raster must first be converted to an integer raster before it can be used in Weighted Overlay.

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