Question on converting CAD to Featureclass...

06-23-2011 11:45 AM
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I have a small .NET script that uses ArcObjects such as CADtoFeatureClass to convert DWG files to ESRI FeatureClasses.  This standalone program has been working great with DWGs created in previous versions of AutoDesk 2010 but I've been told that my code is now not working on DWGs from AutoDesk 2010.  As a temporary solution I can have the users save their DWG files in AutoCAD to previous versions but to permanently fix the problem I need to find out more details.  So does anyone know or has anyone had a similar issue in trying to convert DWG files to FeatureClasses using these types of ArcObjects on AutoDesk 2010 DWG files?

Thanks for any advice.

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