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Publishing GP Service from ModelBuilder

03-11-2014 02:06 PM
New Contributor

I am new to ARCGIS and geoprocessing especially. I am trying to create a Task in Model Builder which does the following steps:

1.Create a File Geo Database ( using Tool ???Create File GDB???) and Create an empty mosaic dataset in the created File Geo Database ( using Tool ???Create Mosaic Dataset???)
2.Add raster???s to the Mosaic Dataset created (using Tool ???Add Rasters to Mosaic Dataset???)
3.Set some specific mosaic dataset properties (using Tool ???Set Mosaic Dataset Properties???)
4.Add a field names ???Time??? to hold the date when the Raster was collected to the Mosaic Dataset ( using the Tool ???Add Field???)
5.Export the paths of the raster in the Mosaic Dataset to a Table ( using Tool ???Export Mosaic Dataset Paths???
6.Using the paths to the raster???s, I read the raster metadata file associated with the raster file and calculate the newly added ???Time??? Filed. ( using Tool ???Calculate Field???)

Everything works as expected when I run this in Desktop 10.2 . But when I publish the results as a GP service to my ArcGIS Server, The results are not correct.

I am also attaching a word document which clearly explains my problem while publishing it as a GP service. Any help or pointers are greatly appreciated.

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