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Processing Power, Partitioning

11-18-2020 03:22 AM
New Contributor

Dear Map Community,

I have been having issues with the processing time when I run geoprocessing tools (some took 5 hours) in ArcGIS Pro. I also have slow downs when I work on my layouts, many times when I add small texts (What should take me 5 minutes, takes me 20 minutes).

a.) what can I do to improve processing times?

c.) I can't seem to figure out how to make the cartographic partitioning work in order to get ArcGIS to use more than one core. Any tips?

Thanks in advance 🙂

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Ensure your data is in a file geodatabase so spatial indexing occurs. If it's on a local SSD hard drive that would increase performance.

As for using multiple cores, you need to read and understand the help file, if a tool honours such settings this is listed in the environment settings of the tool on its help page. Now go have a look, you tell me if you see anything about supporting parallel processing...

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