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Process multiple text files - which iterator

09-25-2012 04:52 PM
New Contributor
I am using ArcGIS v 10 and want to iterate through multiple text files and use a submodel to 1) create x-y event layer 2) create feature class and 3) append.  Each time it is run there may be different numbers of files with different names.

Logically, I would think the ITERATE FILES is the correct one to use - and this works in v10.1 .  However, in v10 it appears that I have to use ITERATE TABLES, which only works if I DON'T set a wildcard to only process text files.  If ITERATE FILES is used in the model, it presents a default file name value of FILE.TXT (which doesn't exist in the folder) and the submodel will not validate.  If I put an "empty" file of that name in the folder, the submodel fails when it tries to process the empty file. 

Am I missing something?
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You're right, in v10 you can use Iterate Tables iterator which produces a table as Make XY Event Layer accepts only tables.
But as far as I tested, Iterate Table sucessfully uses a Wildcard (at least in v10 SP4).
Here's an example:
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