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Process Migration

04-21-2021 11:14 AM
New Contributor

We have a python Script which processes a set of 360 ish CAD drawing using a  Model Builder Model. The data is in an SDE database and ArcMAP is 10.6.1. On the old server all of the Cad drawings eventually process. We had to migrate this process to a new server. On this server the ArcMAP is 10.8.1.  The new server processes about 60 of the CAD drawings then stops and hangs up, processing no more. If we try to run it again we get ERROR 000201 because we now have a scheme lock. We have to restart the new server to clear the lock and try to reprocess anew. It does not hang on the same drawing so it does not seem to be a drawing problem. The new machine has more memory and is faster so we do not think it is a server issue. We are wondering if there is a setting to enable background processing of the python script/model builder process? Any help would be appreciated.

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