Problems to add feature class to a PostgreSQL database

05-01-2020 03:18 AM
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I want to add a feature class to a Postgres database that has the PostGIS extension, using ArcGIS Pro 2.5.  I have PostgreSQL version 12 installed and I copied the ST_Geometry library (for Postgres 11, the one for version 12 does not seem to be available) into the lib folder of Postgres. 

I have successfully connected my Postgres database to ArcGIS Pro. Then I tried to run the command "Create Spatial Type" from the geoprocessing toolset and it failed. Below is the error message:

You must copy the latest ST_GEOMETRY library to the PostgreSQL software location. Refer to the ArcGIS help topics for more details.
Connected RDBMS instance is not setup for Esri spatial type configuration.
Failed to execute (CreateSpatialType).


Input Database Connection: C:\Fabio\Training\ArcGIS_Pro\Archive_training\Archive_test\localhost(4).sde
SDE User Password: *****
Tablespace Name:
ST_Geometry Shape Library Path: 
Output Workspace: C:\Fabio\Training\ArcGIS_Pro\Archive_training\Archive_test\localhost(4).sde

Is it because version 12 of Postgres is not supported? any other suggestion?



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