Populating attributes from an existing feature class to another

03-12-2019 10:38 AM
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Im working with sewer data and in the past I've managed the hyperlink field within our sewer line data but I would also like to add the hyperlinks to our sewer manhole point feature class. 

Is there a way that I can automate the process of adding the hyperlinks from sewer lines to manholes? There is no common identifier, so I was hoping if there is GP tool that will automatically field calculate the hyperlink based off of the location. For example if there is a manhole that is snapped to a sewer line, then the GP tool (whichever it may be if it exist) can automatically field calculate the hyperlink based off of the sewer line that it is snapped to?

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Perhaps a spatial join of the points to the lines? You could leave it at that, export the result to a new file, or add a field to the original file, and calculate it based on the field in the joined dataset.



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Use the Intersecting Feature method of Attribute Assistant.  It will transfer an attribute from an intersecting feature into your edited feature during an edit session.  The attribute transfer can be triggered automatically by feature creation, attribute updates and/or geometry updates or else manually.  The setup for this method involves updates to the DynamicValue table, which must be included within your map for Attribute Assistant to work, and the Attribute Assistant tool in the Attribute Assistant toolbar has to be active in your edit session.  You can download Attribute Assistant from here.

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This method does require Standard or Advanced license.

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