Polygon Feature Class Very Slow Draw Time - Solutions?

10-01-2013 08:59 AM
New Contributor III
One of our polygon feature classes stored in SDE is performing very slow.  When I remove it from my MXD, which contains other polygon files, it snaps very quickly.  When I add it back again, performance slows to a 3-4 second draw time.

Is there a tool I can use to refine this polgyon layer so it draws quicker?

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Esri Contributor

A tool you can use to refine the polygons would be Simplify Polygon (Cartography).  However, before you try manipulating your data, you may test to see if the issue is actually your SDE environment.  Make a copy of the polygon feature class into a File Geodatabase somewhere on your local C drive.  If this copied feature class performs up to par, then the issue is related to the SDE environment and not the feature class itself.

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