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Points to Line tool is combining points into a single line when I need them to be separate lines

04-04-2023 08:27 AM
New Contributor

Hello, I am trying to use the Point to line tool to create tracklines based on an AIS dataset that includes date, MMSI, and lat/long. Each unique MMSI only appears once every 24 hours, to reduce data size. When I use the Point to Line tool, it seems to be taking points that are on the same general heading and combining them into one polygon, instead of having a different polygon for each date like I want. An example of this is instead of a line segment starting at 01/01/2015 and ending at 01/02/2015, it wil start Jan 1st and end Jan 7th, even though there were data points in between those two dates that should have been retained. I've tried the split line at points tool, but it is taking far too long to run due to the sheer size of the data. Thank you.

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by Esri Contributor
Esri Contributor


A few options to try:

1. Use the Sort tool to sort the data by date before running the Point to Line tool. This way, the tool will create a separate line for each date.

2. Use the Simplify Line tool to reduce the number of vertices in the lines, which could speed up processing time.

Additionally, you may want to consider using a spatial index or creating a subset of the data to improve the performance of the Split Line at Points tool. 

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