Point placement error when importing a 3ds file

12-01-2014 03:00 PM
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I am trying to import a .3ds file into ArcScene and am having trouble using the Point Placement option.

I have no trouble getting the object into ArcScene without any location parameters. I used the "Import 3D files," selected my object, and it imported with no problem. I would, however, like to use the "Point Placement" option. It says to upload a point file in which the "Symbol Field" has the name of the file it correlates to. I made a point file, added a "Symbol" field, and populated the only record with the file name of the 3D object.

This results in an error (see attached image), and I can't find anything on the forums about it.


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I know this is old but I had the same issue, you need to make your symbol field contain the file name only (so "Model.3ds" or "Model.dae" needs to just be "Model") don't include the extension.

Unfortunately, this is as far as I've gone. I can import the models and they end up on top of each other at 0,0. The models won't actually go to the points I'm wanting them to reference. All the data is in the same projection, the correctly named points and models just aren't syncing up.

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