performance of geogprocessing

04-29-2019 06:09 AM
New Contributor III

We are using ArcPro and are having some trouble with performance. For example:

IGPResult res = await Geoprocessing.ExecuteToolAsync("management.AddField", args);

takes 5 seconds or more when adding a single field for a node and at least 1 second when adding a single field for a link. This results in a single function taking 45 seconds to call and most of that time is spent adding fields (10 seconds for adding 2 fields for nodes and 7 seconds for adding 4 fields for links).

I saw in another group ( where someone else had the same issue, but there was no reply other than to post to this group. Has anyone else experienced this and have a possible solution? Also, why the time discrepancy between nodes and links (just curious)? I would think that links would be faster since there is more information associated with a link.

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