PDF to Tiff tool : "WARNING 001757 Unexpected format of map."

07-22-2015 01:52 PM
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What do I have to do to convert geopdf to tiff? I'm looking at historical topo maps downloaded from the text search app (USGS US Topo and Historical Topographic Map Collection )

This tool claims to convert geopdfs, but after loading the USGS geopdfs I get the above error and this:


The GeoPDF file contains a map section with unsupported structure, which results in an ungeoreferenced TIFF.


Georeference the TIFF manually.

Am I getting the wrong GeoPDFs?  Are there multiple geopdf formats or something?


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Same problem here. The historic topographic map explorer is an awesome tool. But what a convenience it would be if the geopdfs worked in the PDF to TIFF tool to export a referenced TIFF rather than having to georeference them; or better yet, if ESRI or USGS made the tiled map services of the historic topos available to add to one's own AGOL map or ArcMap.  

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