Pairwise Clip for large datasets yields incorrect results

02-05-2024 04:22 AM
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I'm using ArcGIS Pro 3.2.1

I have a feature service feature class with 13 polygons and another feature service feature class with 73,061 lines. 

When using pairwise clip, not all of the lines are clipped to the polygons. It seemingly clips random lines. 



The example above shows when all 13 polygons are active and the line file is clipped to the polygon. The red lines are what is clipped and the green lines are not. 


Below is when only 1 of the polygons is selected and pairwise clip is used. 


When only one of the polygons is selected, pairwise clip works as expected. 


When using the regular clip tool, this issue doesn't occur. All 13 polygons can be selected and the lines will be clipped as expected. Is this a limitation of the pairwise clip tool? Is this some sort of overflow error or Langton's Ant situation?  When should Pairwise Clip be used vs Clip?




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BUG-000152658 for ArcGIS Pro (

It may apply to one of your polygons perhaps

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Thanks. I think you might be right. A coworker of mine suggested that it could be since it's multi-part polygon too. It's strange that the pairwise clip doesn't work how I'd expect but the regular clip tool does. It may have something to do with how it's parallel processing/indexing. 


Thanks again!

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