one to many spatial join - again.

03-27-2015 03:55 PM
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we have two datasets that contain address data for two different study cohorts from two different time periods.

When the participants entered the study -  all we had was the county of residence (counties in Iowa, NC and a few neighboring counties).

On followup data (15-20 yrs later) we (not I) have address data from which lat/long were derived from geocoding in arcmap.  Now we are trying to figure out whether residents are in their original county or have moved...IFF a participant was geocoded using a zipcode centroid AND reported one of the many zipcodes that can overlap counties, the overlay of geocoded addresses on the county map doesn't necessarily tell us anything.

I have the NC (and Iowa) county and zipcode boundary maps.

W/ a boring spatial join I know that there are 500+ zipcodes in NC that straddle counties.  2-4 counties being overlapped.

But what doesn't seem to work is using the one-to-many spatial join to get a new table that identifies each county that each of these "multi-county" zips covers.  I keep getting "background server threw an exception."  What i want is 2-4 records per zip.. I know this has been answered before but i can't dig it up.  Running AMap 10.1

thanks so much

Bob McConnaughey

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As far as I can tell, the background server error is one of those evil, random bugs in ArcGIS, and may or may not have anything to do with your data or spatial join run. Try turning off background processing. Try restarting ArcGIS. Try rebooting.

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