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One-To-Many Join

05-11-2012 11:24 AM
New Contributor
Hello all.

I'm looking to join a feature class with an Excel spreadsheet using the Address fields in both entities to base the join on.  However, my Excel spreadsheet has a telephone number field (the feature class does not) and some addresses in it have multiple telephone numbers (multiple entries with the same address but different phone numbers).  The feature class only has one address where as the Excel spreadsheet often times has several.  When I run a basic join, only the first telephone number populates.  I would like to get them all from the Excel spreadsheet.  Is there some sort of one-to-many join that I could run to get the results that I am looking for?

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There are "relates", one to many or many to many, but you are suggesting something somewhat different if I am not mistaken, you will need a common field in both tables to do either a join or a relate.
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Take a look at this blog, that describes in detail the benefits of the Make Query Table tool in creating a one to many join.
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Can you please elaborate on the process of using the Make Query Table tool.

I have looked over it and I am not quite understanding how to use it.

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