One-sided buffer in ArcView

08-01-2011 11:46 AM
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Hi there, I'm trying to create a one-sided buffer.  I only have the ArcView license, so the one-sided buffer option in the buffer tool is not available to me.  Anyone have any ideas for an improvised way to create a one-sided buffer?  Thanks!!
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I'm pretty sure this question is referring to ArcGIS Desktop w/an ArcView license (Proximity tools - Buffer), rather than ArcView version 3.x, so I'm moving this thread to the Geoprocessing forum.
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Are you trying to buffer a line or a polygon?

I think the only way to run a one-sided buffer is to use an ArcInfo license, but as you said you only have access to Arcview.

One possible way, if you are using a line as a buffer, would be to make a copy of the line file, buffer it by the distance you need. I see the extend line is also only available in the ArcEditor license and above, but you could do it manually if it is only a small dataset (unfortunately I am not aware of any other tools...but I am sure there are scripts out there that could help you here). Once the line has been extended by you buffer distance + 1 you can start editing your buffer polygon and split the polygon by your extended line and then delete the polygon that you dont need.

Or you could use the ET Geowizards tool (If you are using ArcMap 9.x), split polygon by line. ET is downloadable from

I hope that helps, or at least gets you started.


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