my geoprocess tool dosen't work in webmap application

12-10-2013 10:30 PM
New Contributor
I have developed a geoprocessing tool in modelbuilder. it works very well in ArcMap, but when I publish it to use it the web application, the extent variable become string with XY min and XY max.
The study area is changing for each client. I want the client who determine the study area. for example make it same as display. in different words, pass the screen xy extent. the cost raster is the slope. it take long time to drive the slope for whole Yemen.
I don't use the network analyst because I do not have road in my targeted area(rural and poor). I just consider the DEM raster. so I use the cost distance function.
I am using 10.0 for ArcGIS desktop & Server. and silverlight
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